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Speakers: Peter Sloterdijk, Reiner Eichenberger, Thomas Greminger, Juli Zeh, René Scheu, Gerald Hosp, Ivan Adamovich, Wolfram Mauser, Thomas Pogge

In this optimistic scenario for the future the industrial world rises to the challenge, despite generally weak growth and excess debt. Find out how the Western world could get up to speed again.

Personal data are the currency of the internet era. Privacy has become a valuable good, and there's a growing market in it.

Video interview with Prof. Didier Sornette, ETH Zurich, and Dr Ivan Adamovich, Notenstein Private Bank.


Notenstein Private Bank and Helvetia Insurance have entered a cooperation agreement for the provision of management-level pensions.


What are the lessons of the financial crisis of 2007/08? The authors use a metaphor from materials science to present new approaches for a better understanding of the development of social and economic systems, and the definition of scenarios for the future.

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